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October 2, 2018

26-Apricot-Garden-with-Jess-by-Tony-Gigov-Photography 1 49-Apricot-Garden-with-Jess-by-Tony-Gigov-Photography 57-Apricot-Garden-with-Jess-by-Tony-Gigov-Photography 66-Apricot-Garden-with-Jess-by-Tony-Gigov-Photography 69-Apricot-Garden-with-Jess-by-Tony-Gigov-Photography 73-Apricot-Garden-with-Jess-by-Tony-Gigov-Photography

Tony Gigov  |  Wachau, Austria  |

“From all the gifts life has to offer, mother’s love is the greatest”

When Jess first came to Austria from California, she didn’t stay just because of the landscape and the changing seasons, but also because she found and married the love of her life. Almost 10 years later they welcomed the biggest blessing of their lives – Ella, their daughter. These photos capture how much joy and peace she brings to those around her.
We decided to visit the region of Wachau and have a photo session, surrounded by a sea of blossoming apricot trees. Watching Ella experiencing the beauty of this location with her sweet expressions and complete fascination filled not only her mom’s heart with love, but also mine as a photographer. Life through the eyes of a child is entirely new and bright!

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  1. SammieB says:

    Beautiful! My hubby and I just adopted a sweet baby girl. Seeing these remind me that I need to take a turn in front of the camera.

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