Belle Lumière has been proudly hosting our End of the Year Awards (EOTYA) since 2013.  Our goal, since the beginning, has been to create a platform for photographers to not only put their best work out there but also a place for the community to nominate those who you think did an exquisite job at representing and supporting our industry for that year. 

They .... add
"Award Winning Photographer" beneath your name. 

- Rebecca yale
2016 Film Image of the Year winner

Awards like Belle Lumière's are a wonderful opportunity to build your business and confidence as an artist.  They help establish your credibility in the marketplace as you raise your prices and add "Award Winning Photographer" beneath your name. 

Somethings are changing for 2022, so please make sure you read below before entering an image or nominating someone.

Our Entry & Nomination Period

The entry and nomination period will run from November 16th through December 2nd.  During this time you can enter images into our End of the Year Image Contest as well as nominate photographers for our Photographer of the Year Award.

You can nominate anyone for the Photographer of the Year Award - Which is someone you thought represented and supported the photography community for 2022.  This can be someone who shoots film, digital, or hybrid. 

You may also enter any image (as long as you have full copyright to it and it was not taken at a workshop) into our Image of the Year Awards.  Categories include Color (film), Black & White (Film), and Hybrid (digital images).  There will be a winner in each category and An Image of the Year selected by Belle Lumière and the Judges. 

Remember, everyone received one free entry (we know you have at-least one image you are darn proud of) but you are able to enter as many images as you would like.  It is $5.00 for a single additional entry, $10.00 for 3 additional entries, and $20 for 7 additional entries.  Again you can enter as many images as you would like.  Each form allows for up to 7 additional entries.  If you would like to enter more, you can submit the form again.

Between December 2nd and December 11th the judges will review all entered images. Names are not included on images so the judges do not know who took what image.  The judges will select the top 10 images in each category for the community to vote on.  

Voting will run from December 12th through December 30th. You can vote once a day. 

Winners will be announced on January 9th with our newsletter!