Lost in Formentera

October 11, 2018

Sergio Sorrentino  |  Formentera  |  sergiosorrentinofotografie.com

Formentera has been a place which completely mesmerized me. For some days I had the opportunity to completely clear my mind, and fulfill my soul. I could not believe that I could stay almost one hour staring at the sunset, sitting on a clifftop next to a lighthouse, and being surrounded by a peaceful silence.
With its long empty and well treated roads, it’s an island that can be fully enjoyed riding a scooter, also because it’s easy to being tempted to stop and enjoy beautiful sceneries with the attention they deserve.
Every time I saw a secondary country road, I could not resist to take it and discover where it was going to lead. And most of the times I was pleasingly surprised by amazing colorful beaches with crystal clear waters.

The tiny and welcoming villages come together in a perfect harmony with the natural sea and countryside landscapes, and can let yourself enjoy a walk among nice shops and restaurants. For all the Mediterranean food lovers, I could not recommend more to have a Seafood Paella on one of the many restaurants with a seaside terrace.

This island was my awareness to being totally addicted to seascapes and summer, and I warmly recommend it to everyone looking for an Honeymoon Destination or simply looking for a place to getting lost among endless beauty.

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