Hi, i’m Lexi. 

A thirty something, left-brained creative who loves winters, the mountains, and hot coco; with real peppermint please. I also might have a small obsession with snow. Just ask my husband and I’m sure he will share with you 'my snow song'. 

Over the last few years i have found my true calling in helping other photographers in the industry succeed. After starting and running three successful business and teaching for over 7 years I know that hard work, a support system, and education are the three main ingredient to being successful. The hard work is always going to be 100% up to. But the other two, well, this is where Belle Lumière comes in.  

I am not only here to help get you the eduction you need to implement into your business, but also provide the support and encouragement you need to get you there. Success looks different for all of us. Maybe it’s finical freedom. Maybe it’s finally identifying and booking your dream clients. Maybe it’s just figuring out this whole photography thing. What ever your “success” is. I am here to help you reach it. 

From personal project to a photographers support system

Belle Lumière was founded in 2013 as a personal project on my journey into film. I wanted to share everything I was learning and doing in hopes to help someone else in their journey. From there it quickly turned into a community of photographers wanting to learn to shoot film and find inspiration. In 2014 I fully jumped in and hosted our very first workshop at the lovely Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard. After getting a taste of teaching and being part of this amazing community … well you can say the rest is history. 

When translated Belle Lumière means “beautiful light” in French and we proudly showcase that beautiful light only photographers can capture. The French translation was not only decided on because of the beauty of the language, but also because France is where chemical photography was invented and the first ever portrait was captured in Paris, circa 1838.

Grow + Succeed


Belle Lumière has continued to grow over the last seven years and has evolve with the community to keep up with what it’s photographers’ need. We are here today as a resource and support system for you; whether you are just starting out or have been in the business a long time. As you will hear me frequently say, you should never stop educating yourself and or growing. Between our quarterly magazine, educational guides, freebies, our Insiders Facebook Page, and our social media accounts. You are sure to find helpful answers, 

guidance, inspiration, and motivation within our community. 

If there is ever a way we could be more helpful to you, please never hesitate to reach out. I always love to hear how we can continue to help our followers and stand behind the reputation we have built for ourselves over the last few years. My inbox is alway open to those in our community with a friendly face on the other side ready to help and support you. 

la vie est belle.

Belle Lumiere is not just helpful with straightforward advice but also inspiration from incredible artists in this industry.  I'm able to learn more and derive my own style when I'm exposed to different styled and pieces of art in the magazine.  


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