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Many of us in this industry wear a lot of hats and run a lot of departments inside our businesses. On the outside we are photographers. But behind the scenes we also run all our social media accounts, try to figure out marketing to reach our ideal clients, stay up to date on our company's bookkeeping, handle all scheduling and client relations, and so many more jobs.

And on top of all that we have to stay educated and in front of the ever changing industry. It can be downright exhausting.  

The nice thing is that there are so many amazing photographers in our community who know what’s going on and want to help photographers, like you, get ahead of the game. The downside is purchasing online classes and digital guides covering everything you need to know can get well ... quite pricey. 

That’s where The Lumiè Society comes in!

The Lumiè Society is a curated bundle of education instantly sent to you each month that you can enjoy and soak up at your own pace.

It includes our highly respected magazine, that has been supporting and educating the community since 2013, an educational guide or resource for your business, and a mini masterclass taught each month by top educators in our industry, face to face in video form.  

Whether you are a film, digital, or hybrid photographer, you are sure to LOVE this monthly bundle, all the education you will be receiving, .. and oh yeah .. the price. 

You can become a Lumiè for as little as $17 a month!

And no topic is left untouched. We will be covering work/life balance, social media, marketing, photography, money, business, lighting, and so much more.

The Lumiè Society : A monthly bundle of education designed to help you grow your business and craft affordably and at your own pace.

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A Mini Master Class

Last but not least, each month includes a mini masterclass from top educators in our industry. Each masterclass highlights a new
educator and covers topics YOU
want to hear about. 

Masterclasses will be included in the form of a video and be between 15-20 minutes each.

An Education PDF
Resource For Your Business

Each month’s bundle also includes an additional resource or educational guide to help you grow your business or perfect your craft. These will be in the form of a video or PDF depending on the month.  

A Digital Issue of Belle Lumiere

Each monthly issue is packed full of education and inspiration for any photographer to grow and benefit from. 

Every issue is 50-60 pages and includes 6 educational articles, including our monthly column “Ask Belle Lumiere” where we answer the top questions photographers like you are asking in our industry each month.

VALUED AT $15 alone

The Lumiè Society includes three educationally packed goodies curated just for you ... each and every month.

What You Will Have Instantly Sent To You Each Month

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

Bonus #1 : 3 Entries each month to our Cover Contests (Only open to Lumiès)

Bonus #2 : Additional free entries to our Image Contests

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

Bonus #1 : 3 Entries each month to our Cover Contests (Only open Lumiès)

Bonus #2 : Additional free entries to our Image Contests


Are ready to invest in yourself and your business

Want all this instantly delivered to your inbox each month and have the freedom 
to read and watch it on your schedule

Are ready to soak up education from the top artists and educators in our industry
that are actually out there living their dreams

Want to dip your toes in a ton of different topics each month

Want something affordable that also has tremendous value and benefits


Is The Lumiè Society For You? It Is If You ...

- A Mini Video Masterclass taught by the one and only Lindsay Davenport on client relationships.

- Our 60 page educational magazine covering topics such as shooting in harsh light, 6 musts for flatlays, first looks, and more.

- An Educational Guide covering 10 poses to capture every session to achieve a diverse and unique gallery.

- A BONUS Educational Guide covering 5 moments to set up between couples and families to capture. 

- PLUS last months mini masterclass taught by KT Merry, last months issue, and last months education guide cover what publications are looking for. 

What's Included In March's Bundle?

Each month includes three new EDUCATIONAL goodies

Come listen to Lindsay Davenport in March's Mini Masterclass as she talks about building and navigating solid client relationships.  In this class you will learn one reason why client relationships are important . One way to infuse both professionalism and personality into your communication .  And one practical way to give expectations to your clients

It's the perfect class to tie in with this months theme of setting expectations. 

Want to know who else will be teaching our Masterclasses this year??!! 
Raisa Zwart, D’Arcy Benincosa, Eden Straden, Julie Paisley and more.

Hi, I'm Lindsay Davenport.

Your March's Mini Master Course Teacher

No problem at all. If you sign up for the monthly payment plan you can cancel at anytime. We understand The Lumiè Society may not be for everyone, even though we truly believe everyone has a lot to gain from it. If you pay for the year please reach out to us via email and we would be more than happy to work with you to make things right. 

What if I sign up and it’s not for me.

All PDFs, including educational guides and issues, can be downloaded instantly and saved to your computer (You will have 60 days from their release to do so). All videos will remain on The Lumiè Society’s home page for you to watch and re-watch for a minimum of one year from their release date. 

How long do I have access to everything.

Each months bundle is released on the first Monday of the new month. You can automatically log into your account to view everything once it’s released or wait for our monthly email that will include descriptions of what’s included in each bundle and links.


We would love to help you with that! Just email into Lexi at and she would be more than happy to help you out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mini Masterclasses have to be one of the things we are most exited about introducing this year ... including the talented creatives who are going to be part of it.  Expect to see classes by KT Merry, Lindsay Davenport, Raisa Zwart, D’Arcy Benincosa, Eden Straden, Katie Lamb, Julie Paisley, and more in 2020.

Who is going to be teaching the masterclasses this year?

We would LOVE for you to become a Lumiè! All you have to do is scroll down right below this and click "JOIN NOW".  You will then be prompted to select which plan you would like and if you want to do monthly or yearly.  Then finish the registration and you are all set!!!

As always if you have any questions at any time please do not hesitate to reach out to Lexi directly.

How do i sign up??!!


The Lumiè Society

for 12 months or
$17 a month

Includes the following each month

- Our Digital Magazine
- A Monthly Digital Download
- A Mini Masterclass
- And more


MontHly Subscribers can cancel at any time!

We truly believe any photographer would instantly see the value and benefits of our subscription.  But if for some reason you are not happy we want to know.  Monthly subscribers can cancel at anytime and if you signed up for the year, just shoot us an email!



Magazine Subscription


Includes the following each month

- Our Digital Magazine



We have two options depending on how much you want to soak up each month.

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