The Magazine

Curated & Crafted With
The Education You Have Been
Dreaming To Get Your Hands On.

The Magazine

Curated & Crafted With 
The Education You Have Been 
Dreaming To Get Your Hands On.


Volume XXX

February 2021

Looking to invest your time into SEO? Or looking to jump into growing your business legally? Or do you just need a reminder that the season you are in now is yours? Well then this issue is for you!


Volume XXXI

March 2021

Panicking over the Fuji 400 news? Did 2020 take a lot out of you? Then this might be the issue for you.  Cover these topics and more, like the proper ways to go about collaborations, in these 60 pages. 



July 2021

Ready to dive into the idea of putting people over profit? How about how can you get further in your business with proper etiquette and strong morals. Well this is the issue for you then!


Volume XXXII

April 2021

Looking for a new spark of inspiration after a long 2020 year?  Or want to discover what you can accomplish when you put your heart into something and do it just for you.  Then let's dive into that together.


                         We were completely                                         with how beautifully curated the whole magazine is and the content is everything we've wanted and more. 

                 we were  completely blown
    away with  how                                   curated the whole magazine is and
the content is everything we've
wanted and more. 

- Steph & Elaine Louwrens  (Dust and dreams photography)



Belle Lumière, your publication has been a                                 source of inspiration for me for so many years, and I am so    




 Your publication brings so much             ! Nothing better than getting cozy on the couch with a cup of tea and lots of                                  images to look at!




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Volume XXV


 This volume is officially our first issue solely highlighting some of the kindest and most talented black creatives in our industry. This month we are honored to see these black creatives shine!!


2019 Bundle

4 Issues

Missed out on our 2019 issues?  No problem.  We have them bundled all up, wrapped with a big gold bow, & have them all ready for you to dive into.  Which is the best part in my option. 



December 2020

Does waste left over from your shoots or events leave you wanting to make a change? Then this issue is for you as we dive into the idea of a sustainable photography industry & so much more.


Volume XXIX

December 2020

Do you ever feel like you are a little late to the game when it comes to your business and success? Or having issues being consistent while you are shooting multiple niches? Well then this is the issue for you!

A very
special issue!

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