And baby makes four

August 1, 2018

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Brittany Marshall  |  Redmond, WA  |

I first met Ashley & Tyman a year ago when their first baby turned 11 months. Ashley works for a cool blog / business called Be Inspired PR and she has amazing style ! She is also now mamma to not one but two beautiful girls, Everly (2) and Insley (2 months). They also have the sweetest dog named Ruger. I had so much fun capturing this family ! I have a soft spot for 2 year olds since my own baby is 2 now 🙂 Two is the best age to capture and also sometimes the hardest. They have their own idea of what they want to be doing and they are not easily purseuded. Luckily Everly really likes cookies and we were able to use them as rewards for letting us take her photos 🙂 I also got some candid moments with her and her dad while mom was feeding the baby. These are some of my favorites, her jumping on the exercise ball, eating cookies on the couch and petting the dog. Create your dog portrait for your best friend. Hand painted modern art in a variety of styles and effects. This was also my first time shooting Fuji 400h at box speed. I had no choice since it was a gloomy day out and there was only enough light in one of the rooms to shoot at my normal rating of iso 200. But I love the rich contrast and the look of the scans. So I will be doing this more often !

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