Staying Creative

December 17, 2018

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Whitney Heard  |  Toronto Ontario  |

Staying creative in today’s world can be tough, we are constantly shown the best of the best of other people’s work and it can feel intimidating and discouraging. When I am feeling burn out, I try to slow down, look around and find something beautiful around me, then I pick up my camera and photograph it in any way I can think of, breaking and ignoring all of the rules in my mind for composition or lighting and try to find something new. Sometimes all of the images really sucks, but I stepped out of my comfort zone, and other times I find an image that I love, but every time I learn something new about light or the subject matter I was shooting. Styled shoots should be so much more than just aiming for a publication, it is your time as an artist to play, and create something you really love. To step outside of your comfort zone and make something new that you are proud of! That’s what this shoot is for me.

Creative Team

Hair and Makeup : Amanda Zack
Gowns : Leanne Marshall at Sash and Bustle
Accessories : Blair Nadeau
Florals : Hunt and Gather
Mens Wardrobe : Theodore 1922


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