January 12, 2015

FilmPortraitPhotographerJakeAnderson_-12FilmPortraitPhotographerJakeAnderson_-7FilmPortraitPhotographerJakeAnderson_-14FilmPortraitPhotographerJakeAnderson_-17FilmPortraitPhotographerJakeAnderson_-9FilmPortraitPhotographerJakeAnderson_-21FilmPortraitPhotographerJakeAnderson_-20Jake Anderson  |  Wisconsin  |  Jakeandersonphoto.com

Leaving the city and spending an afternoon on an empty and silent Wisconsin lake is an escape I take whenever I feel impeded by life. When I feel the pressure to perform, pressure to compare myself, and pressure to conform, it is a necessary trip; and one I feel refreshed and rejuvenated by. I wanted to document, and share, the sense of freedom I receive from slowing down, taking some time for myself, paddling an empty lake, with solely my thoughts and the vitality that is a consequence. ” – Jake

  1. Katie Grant says:

    this is an incredible feature, love it! Such beautiful images Jake!

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