A Fall Engagement

January 14, 2015

Kalene Mark BL-2Kalene Mark BL-9Kalene Mark BL-4Kalene Mark BL-10Kalene Mark BL-15Kalene Mark BL-16Kalene Mark BL-7Kalene Mark BL-17Kalene Mark BL-27Kalene Mark BL-26Kalene Mark BL-25Kalene Mark BL-33bKalene Mark BL-37Kalene Mark BL-41Kalene Mark BL-42Emily Roberts  |  Lake Louisa, FL  |  Emilykatharine.com

Kalene and Mark met pretty shortly after Kalene moved to Florida from Long Island in high school. She got involved in her local church and youth group. Mark, an active member of youth group, and Kalene became best friends. They clicked. The opportunity to date didn’t present itself until Kalene had graduated high school and they both started college.

Once that opportunity arose, they were inseparable. With their down to earth personalities, they just understood one another.

When it came time for the proposal, Mark decided to make Kalene a book. He had his sister and Kalene’s sister bring Kalene to Books-a-Million and lead her to a particular section. Kalene was then directed towards a book. A book filled with details about how she and Mark met and photos from over the years. When she flipped to the last page it said, “turn around for the next chapter.” She turned around, and there was Mark, down on one knee with a ring.

Their engagement session took place in Lake Louisa, a sunny spot in central Florida in October. We had the opportunity to trail blaze some paths as well as admire the sunset in a beautiful golden field. ” – Emily

  1. Dixie says:

    Absolutely stunning! Emily, if you see this, what kind of lens were you working with that gave you blue flare? It’s magical!

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