Apple Orchard Love

January 7, 2015

apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_005apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_018apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_006apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_010apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_011apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_019apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_021apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_031apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_029apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_023apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_028apple_orchard_photo_session_monika_stachura_026Monika Stachura  |  Warsaw, Poland  |

OK, there always has to be a first time. So I was a digital photographer, but decided to go back to film. And this is my first full film only wedding session with an amazing couple. There was some stress, especially that waiting to get my new camera, I used only full manual equipment I already had. ” – Monika

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