Love in the Mountains

January 5, 2015

6950000169540004695100146954000269510005695400126950000769500004Sherri Koop  |  Cypress Mountain, BC  |

”  Erin Ireland is a passionate dog lover and foodie. She is the founder of “To Die For Fine Foods” ( which began with her signature banana bread aptly named, “It’s To Die For”. I have been a lover of her banana bread for years, and am now addicted to her lemon loaf which was recently launched. I met Erin, a well-known Vancouverite, when photographing her for her “big love ball” session in her commercial kitchen. ( We immediately connected and stayed in touch. We decided it would be fun to celebrate the holidays photographing her and Effie, her rescue dog, in the mountains.
A bit of backstory…Erin was on vacation in Mexico headed for the airport when she locked eyes with the dog you see in these images. Long story short, Erin rescued Effie, and has since become a strong advocate for animal rescue. Her and Effie have a connection that is rare…and magical. The love they share is infectious. Erin, Effie and I went up to Cypress Mountain to play in the snow. Celsia Floral ( provided a beautiful swag for Erin to carry, and a lovely foraged wreath for Effie to wear. We started at the base of Cypress Mountain, adding layers to Erin as the temperature dropped. We then stopped at the beautiful lookout on our way down the mountain. The sun was setting…Erin threw on a beautiful blanket-style wrap, and watched the sun set over Vancouver with Effie. It was truly a beautiful moment. ” – Sherri

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