Boda Del Romance

August 18, 2014

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This Tucson wedding was definitely one for the books! The location and color palate definitely set the tone with deep reds and lush greens. It had romance written all over it. Our bride and groom for the day were just wonderful! It was our very first all film wedding and it of course it did not go on without a hitch! Just after shooting the getting ready images, I was changing a roll of film, when the one I had just shot began to unroll. PIT IN STOMACH. I stayed calm, but inside I was dying. I had no idea what, if any images were going to turn out. I was stoked when I go them back..there was a light leak, but it was magical and perfect and confirmed my admiration for film. Smooth sailing after that though. ” – Karie

  1. A grand wedding we designed for absolutely beautiful clients for their May, 2014 wedding at Cross Creek Riding Club, Tucson

    The theme was Spanish Hacienda rich with folklore, literal heritage customs and infused with great color.

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