You Are My Rock

August 15, 2014

Anna Peters Photography-6Anna Peters Photography-5Anna Peters Photography-1Anna Peters Photography-4Anna Peters Photography-14Anna Peters Photography-3Anna Peters Photography-16Anna Peters Photography-20Anna Peters Photography-23Anna Peters Photography-26Anna Peters  |  The Gorge, Washington  |

 We met in the middle of the state, with my couple headed east from Seattle and myself headed west from Eastern Washington. On the plateau above the Columbia river, the sage green and gold brush stretches out as far as the eye can see. The wind whipped our hair as we made our way through the quiet landscape. It’s truly an honor to be able to capture a love story as it continues to be written, beginning when I photographed Olivia and Luke’s engagement session in December 2012, all the way through celebrating their one year anniversary this summer. As time passes, life continues to be dynamic and ever changing, but these two are truly eachother’s rock, and that steadfast love is what I wanted to capture on film for them here. ” – Anna

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