A Neighborhood Paradise

August 22, 2014


Emily Fuselier

Amy Cherry  |  Rosemary Beach  |  amynicolephoto.com

” My husband and I travel to Rosemary Beach each year for a weekend getaway for our anniversary. This year was the first time I brought film and photographed so many pieces of culture and color. Every time I take photographs, I find something new that inspires me…a new side of town, a new home, a new design, a new nook, the list goes on. Rosemary Beach truly is a utopia of getaways. It feels like a time-warp every time we go. The world slows down the moment you enter the community where families ride bikes and walk the sweet streets all day long. Unlike any other beach town/community I’ve seen, it brings such a unique culture to 30A and oceanside. The homes are full of life with every one have something different architecturally and the colors bring such life. Alys Beach, a few blocks down is another kind of paradise with it’s stark white buildings and soft pastels throughout the entire community. ” – Amy

  1. P Evans says:

    How do I purchase a print of the beach photograph. Its perfect.

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