Breath of Fresh Air

June 17, 2014

FH000019FH000013FH000012FH000024FH000030FH000031FH000001FH000005FH000007FH000008FH000032FH000035Kelsee Thaten  |  Oregon  |

” This session is so special to me because it really helped me clear my head and grasp a new sense of inspiration. The vision behind this shoot was simple – bohemian, free, and natural. I had the perfect model and the perfect location. Being surrounded by the absolutely breathtaking beauty of Detroit Lake in Oregon, and breathing in the refreshing, cool & crisp air can do wonders for the soul, and that’s exactly what I wanted these photos to portray. The classic and sometimes imperfect look of film was the perfect medium for capturing this session, and I feel that it really gave a heightened sense of simplicity. ” – Kelsee

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