Sage and Sunshine

June 19, 2014

NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1151NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1163NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1154NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1165NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1160NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1145NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1147NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1155NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1159NashvilleFamilyPhotography_1157Kristin Sweeting  |  Franklin, TN  |

” Alyssa is also a film photographer, and she approached me about doing a photo session for her new website. We had a great time chasing sunbeams and embracing her love of nature. Flowers by Rosemary and Finch ” – Kristin

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