Oklahoma Gold

June 16, 2014

2014-04-02_00252014-04-02_00292014-04-02_00332014-04-02_00342014-04-02_00352014-04-02_00372014-04-02_00362014-04-02_00402014-04-02_00382014-04-02_0039Kirstie Jones  |  Oklahoma  |  kirstiemarie.com

 On a beautiful day in Oklahoma I met Sammy and her horse “Huey” at Don Murphy’s Ranch. We took pictures in a large pasture where all of the breeding mares and their beautiful babies ran free around us. We shot until the very last light tipped below the horizon – and these photographs are saturated with golden light and so much laughter and fun.  Huey means the world to Sammy, and as an equestrian myself I know exactly how that feels. I just love being able to document the love a girl has for her horse on film. ”  –  Kirstie

  1. Kathy Frydenlund says:

    Captured such a stunning setting!

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