April 7, 2014

Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film14Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film03Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film16Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film07Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film01Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film13Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film08Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film17Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film06Sarah Joelle Photography_Morgan_Film02Sarah Joelle Furr  |  Colorado  |  |

” This summer shoot was really just for fun. This was one of my first sessions on film =) I was envisioning something sweet and feminine. I tried my hand at floral design and made the flower crown myself… don’t judge =) I had asked the beautiful Morgan to come wearing a summer dress but had not coordinated colors… I loved how perfectly the flowers and her dressed ended up going together! ” – Sarah

  1. Brittney says:

    So fresh and lovely!

  2. Alejandro cano says:


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