Aimee at home

April 4, 2014

bubblerock_lifestyleshoot_film_0003bubblerock_lifestyleshoot_film_0007bubblerock_lifestyleshoot_film_0025bubblerock_lifestyleshoot_film_0026bubblerock_lifestyleshoot_film_0024bubblerock_lifestyleshoot_film_0038bubblerock_lifestyleshoot_film_0028bubblerock_lifestyleshoot_film_0009Steph Killip  |  New Zealand  |  |

I really wanted to do an entire session in black and white and mainly on film. Aimee is an former bride of ours and I wanted to create a lifestyle portrait session with her in the cosiness of home. From a little fashion-llife to very candid, it was really about capturing her essence: that smile, that cheekiness. Newly pregnant, it will be a memento of this incredible time in her life, which her future child will treasure. After all, t”his is mum when she was just starting being mum.” – Steph

  1. Love seeing those images online! Thanks team for publishing some of them! 🙂

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  3. This set is so incredible!! Love every single image!!

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