Little Mr. August

April 9, 2014

ClaunchFamily_006ClaunchFamily_003ClaunchFamily_001ClaunchFamily_014ClaunchFamily_009ClaunchFamily_008ClaunchFamily_011ClaunchFamily_019ClaunchFamily_020ClaunchFamily_016ClaunchFamily_028ClaunchFamily_032ClaunchFamily_029ClaunchFamily_035Michelle Boyd  |  Austin TX  |  |

” I love our dear friends, Alli and Corey, so dearly. They have been so sweet and supportive over the past few years, and I thought I’d seen the depth of their affections before… but then I saw them love on and swoon over their new little family addition, August. Alli’s already beautiful smile was simply radiant, and Corey’s gentle heart was absolutely giddy. I loved watching my sweet friends come alive, and hope to be as loving a parent to my own children someday as they are to their little Mr. August. ” – Michelle

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely feature, Lexi! It’s truly an honor 🙂
    Yay film, cute babies, and dreamy sunlight!

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