Lynn Dunston

February 10, 2021

Lynn Dunston is an incredibly talented fine art photographer based in California and Washington, D.C. But travels all over.

She is an internationally published wedding and portrait film photographer who specializing in luxury, fine art weddings and intimate celebrations.

I was instantly drawn to the depth and tones in Lynn’s work and knew she had to be one of the first photographers we shared about on our spotlights!!

You can see more of Lynn’s work by visiting her website and following her on IG. And then you can get to know Lynn a little better by reading our little interview with her below & soaking up a few of her favorite images.

Website | IG

1. Share with us a little bit about your journey with photography and how/why you started building your business?  

My journey with photography first began in college where I took film photography classes while pursuing a film and video production major. After transferring to a college that offered fewer opportunities for creative professions, I graduated with a degree in psychology and entered the corporate world. Soon after I realized I wasn’t getting the creative fulfillment that I needed and as a result began shooting again on the side which eventually led to shooting fulltime.  

2. What niche do you specialize in and why did you choose that path?

I specialize in weddings and portraits. I absolutely love, love, love weddings. Personally, if I could marry my husband every year I would. However, after unsuccessfully convincing my husband to renew our vows each year with a wedding – and rightfully so – I chose the next best thing which is to document other couple’s weddings. I also love engagements and portrait sessions which allow me to slow down and get a bit more creative.

3. What is the best piece of advice you can give someone in our industry, new or seasoned?

My best piece of advice for both new and seasoned photographers is that it’s okay to change or reinvent yourself. Over time your style may change from when you started your career. You should embrace those changes and never be afraid to move your brand in a new direction.

4. Who are three photographers that inspire you & why?

I love Elizabeth Messina’s work – I’m inspired by the unique way she captures intimacy in her photos. I also love the tones and documentary approach of Erich McVey’s work. I’m also inspired by Sarah Falugo’s editorial style and am drawn to her strong use of black-and-whites.

5. Will you share with us one fun or unique fact about yourself.

If I had to choose another career, it would be a stand-up comedian. I love to laugh and to make other people laugh, and enjoy seeing the humor in everyday life.

hope that you loved learning about another photographer in our industry & keep an eye out each week as we continue to highlight all the talent that fills it.

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