Lumière 1335

February 11, 2021

“This past year, I’ve seen a lot of inspirational wedding shoots, but they all have similar tones, light style. So, this time, I wanted to create something different. Lumière 1335 is an inspiration shoot in which light, sensitivity and elegance have been our pillars. We wanted to create an environment and a monochromatic palette that allows the bride, the dresses and the light to be the focus. And we’ve also chosen this place/studio because we though it will give much more minimal appearance to the shoot thanks to its minimal floor, walls and windows. For us, @elbaulderuth and I, light on photography means everything, so we wanted to play with it and we’ve chased it until we found the best moment, at the time 13.35 Spanish hour (that would be 1.35pm for you).”

Marta Perez / @martaperezfotografia

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