Why Photos Matters

February 5, 2018

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Kristen Holm  |  Calgary, Alberta  |  Kristenholm.com

Working with Soz and Salam was a great reminder of the powerful role photography can play in documenting our lives and preserving our memories. I met with Soz before her son’s newborn session, and we talked about why newborn photographs mattered to her. “Having newborn photos taken was so important to both my husband and I. Salam and I come from a place where pictures were a luxury to have and keep, and we don’t have photographs from when we were little. My husband has one single baby photo and I have none. I want my son to grow up and see the love and sweet moments of when he was first brought into our lives.”

Working with this family was a beautiful reminder that it is such an honour and be a newborn and family photographer. I was thrilled to capture these moments for Soz, Salam and baby idris. Looking at these photos, I can feel the love these new parents have for their son. I feel incredibly privileged to be a newborn photographer. Knowing that Idris will have these photos to look back on when is grown makes me feel proud of what I do.

  1. Mariel says:

    Such a beautiful session! Great job, Kristen!

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