Soft and Romantic

January 16, 2018

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Olga Namburi  |  North Carolina  |

When I first visited Charlottesville, I felt the time slowed down for minute. I have drawn in the beauty of mountains, and blue fog covering it up just lightly, leaving me daydreaming. Vibrant greens and flourishing grape trees on the backdrop of mountains are breathtaking. It seems, the wind himself was whispering a love story, story about sincerity, promises to love till the end of day. Beautiful nature just highlighted the beauty of this shoot. There is so much love, joy and happiness in being a future mom. And it was shown in this shoot.

Shooting this workshop on film only, seem quite challenging to me at first. I choose to move fears aside and listen to my heart. The camera became the extension of my imagination, and the images turned out exactly how I felt them. Looking at the images now I feel almost like I am there again, I can feel the crisp and sunshiny day, filled with dreams and aspirations, in Charlottesville mountains.

Model – Alicia Lacey | @alicialaceyphoto
Papergoods – Papel & Co | @papelnco


  1. What a beautiful session. The colors are so dreamy! Sounds like an amazing workshop experience!

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