Claimed Repose

June 22, 2015

ClaimedRepose-JakeAnderson-24ClaimedRepose-JakeAnderson-32ClaimedRepose-JakeAnderson-28ClaimedRepose-JakeAnderson-9ClaimedRepose-JakeAnderson-11ClaimedRepose-JakeAndersonClaimedRepose-JakeAnderson-27Jake Anderson  |  Wisconsin  |

The genisis, preparation, styling and execution of this shoot encompassed all of four hours, and was source to great repose from the ache of having not shot a personal project in quite some time. I have lost, often, the ability and opportunity to shoot personal projects, and, consequently, had forgotten what it was like to style and shoot – just because. These images are a result of acquiring the bare essentials which were needed to quench a “just because” shoot: a simple romper borrowed from a friend of a friend, sprigs from a neighbors blooming tree, and a friend willing to volunteer her time. ” – Jake

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