When the Twilight comes

September 25, 2014

LucyCuneoPhotography-1LucyCuneoPhotography-4LucyCuneoPhotography-5LucyCuneoPhotography-7LucyCuneoPhotography-11LucyCuneoPhotography-10LucyCuneoPhotography-17LucyCuneoPhotography-16LucyCuneoPhotography-18LucyCuneoPhotography-24LucyCuneoPhotography-25Lucy Cuneo  |  Martha’s Vineyard  |  Lucycuneophotography.com

” This Martha’s Vineyard shoot came alive at sundown. Moody light and a maritime backdrop combine with balletic poses to create a dream-like sequence in which model Mia dances in the twilight air. Wearing a vintage silk shift, she progresses from the beach to the dock. Shedding her protective cover and playful innocence, she submits to the call of the dark water. ” – Lucy

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