La Bicylette

September 23, 2014

La Bicylette_Film_0010La Bicylette_Film_0047La Bicylette_Film_0012La Bicylette_Film_0015La Bicylette_Film_0034La Bicylette_Film_0014La Bicylette_Film_0011La Bicylette_Film_0041La Bicylette_Film_0048La Bicylette_Film_0017La Bicylette_Film_0023La Bicylette_Film_0026La Bicylette_Film_0025La Bicylette_Film_0019La Bicylette_Film_0022Lindsey Stewart  |  Salt Lake City, Utah  |

” La Bicylette was a sweet and simple collaboration with Allison Baddley of La Feté. Our inspiration was this lovely French bike she picked up in her time spent living in France. We both love markets and picnics and we wanted to create a shoot around the memory of Allison riding her bike to the local markets in France. We wanted to keep true to the theme of simplicity, and local beauty, so Allison foraged flowers from the nearby Salt Lake foothills. Allison and I were both feeling nostalgic, and were inspired by summer travels, sunshine, wild flowers, and, obviously, bike rides. A big thank you to Hayley, for being such a great model and friend, and also a lover of summertime travels and fellow Francophile. ” – Lindsey

  1. Thank you for the beautiful feature! This shoot was a joy to put together and we love it finding such a sweet home!

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