Lakeside Wonder

September 15, 2014

rebeccaconway_blum17rebeccaconway_blum16rebeccaconway_blum02rebeccaconway_blum01rebeccaconway_blum05rebeccaconway_blum07rebeccaconway_blum23rebeccaconway_blum19rebeccaconway_blum04rebeccaconway_blum12rebeccaconway_blum11rebeccaconway_blum08Rebecca Conway  |  Knoxville, TN  |

These photos were taken on an abandoned dock in the quiet lake cove where Delaney lives on a houseboat. I wanted to capture her in the serene, natural surroundings of the woods and water that are essentially home to her. Delaney’s effortless beauty, complimented by shades of green and the glow of the setting sun made the perfect scene for a late afternoon session by the water. ” – Rebecca

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