A Woodland Wedding

September 12, 2014

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Megan and Jeff’s woodland wedding in Humbolt County, California embodied the rugged beauty of the northern part of the state and free spirit of the local community. Coming together with locals and loved ones, Jeff and Megan hosted an afternoon wedding that celebrated their love for nature and zest for life. Simple charming details and a stunning rustic retreat along the river made for a laid back ambiance.

Escot Farms, a private farm and retreat centre nestled deep in the mountains on the Trinity River, was an idyllic off-the-grid location for Megan and Jeff who had their guests ‘unplug’ during the ceremony and put away their cameras and smart phones so they could be fully present. Their first look was down by a hand-hewn stone chapel, built by the owner’s father and overlooking the river. The small, intimate wedding was marked by a lack of distractions from the outside world–there were no sounds of traffic or sights of guests uploading images to their Instagram and Facebook feeds. Just sheer, be-in-the-moment pleasure that seems so hard to come by in our technologically-inundated society. Megan and Jeff had also planned a San Francisco get together for all those who wouldn’t be able to make the Humboldt County wedding, and yet, those who came delighted in the remote locale and tranquil setting ” – Jamie

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  2. Jody says:

    Lovely photos of a lovely event! I was unable to attend, but these wonderful photos capture not only the beauty of the day and couple, but the love and warmth they embody.

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