Off on an adventure

August 8, 2014

kateweinsteinphoto_emma_13kateweinsteinphoto_emma_2kateweinsteinphoto_emma_1kateweinsteinphoto_emma_11kateweinsteinphoto_emma_10kateweinsteinphoto_emma_20kateweinsteinphoto_emma_14kateweinsteinphoto_emma_21kateweinsteinphoto_emma_24kateweinsteinphoto_emma_16Kate Weinstein  |  Milwaukee, Wisconsin  |

” These photos tell the story of Emma, a girl eager for adventure and with a desire to explore the world. At the time we took these photos, Emma was in the real-life process of deciding where she wants to move to next. She recently found out that she has been accepted to grad school in London and plans to attend there this winter! This was shot in Wisconsin’s beautiful lake country near Lapham Peak, about 30 miles west of Milwaukee. I love how film captures the colors so vividly. ” – Kate

  1. this is insanely beautiful <3

  2. Ahhhhh oh my goodness. These are stunning and so inspiring. And makes me want to visit Wisconsin!

  3. Emily says:

    Stunning! Love the colors 🙂 That dress!!! Where is it from?

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