little surfer girl

August 7, 2014

LittleBudPhotography-5LittleBudPhotography-6LittleBudPhotography-7LittleBudPhotography-11LittleBudPhotography-22LittleBudPhotography-20LittleBudPhotography-16LittleBudPhotography-13LittleBudPhotography-21Corrie Heisey  |  South Carolina  |

” These images are of my daughter at the beach on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. This is the very same beach I spent every summer on from the time I was born so it was really special to experience it with my little one. It was late afternoon and the tide was way out so it was perfect for running around and drawing in the wet sand. I thought the soft colors were so beautiful and I knew film would be the perfect medium to capture the feeling of the day. When I look at these images I can almost smell that salty air and hear her little giggle as she explored the shore. ” – Corrie

  1. Mary Williamson says:


  2. Love this… thanks for the inspiration! Just dropped in my second roll of film into my new old Nikon F100.

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