With an Air of Clarity

July 9, 2014

jake-anderson-clarity-36jake-anderson-clarity-23jake-anderson-clarity-39jake-anderson-clarity-13jake-anderson-clarity-15jake-anderson-clarity-24jake-anderson-clarity-25jake-anderson-clarity-19jake-anderson-clarity-20Jake Anderson  |  Wausau, WI  |  jakeandersonphoto.com

My model, Danae (a fellow photographer), and I had been discussing how elaborate and, sometimes, too complex, shoots are becoming. We came to a consensus to create a simple and organic shoot; a shoot that creates portraits free from details or distractions, and displays film photography for the core of what it is- pure. ” – Jake

  1. Katie Grant says:

    Just lovely! The shot wth her hands in the air among the long, wild grass is perfection.

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