Creekside Romance

July 8, 2014

LA_2041LA_2032LA_2061LA_2017LA_2060LA_2049LA_2068LA_2073LA_2076LA_2077Becca Caniglia  |

” This engagement session was taken at the groom’s family ranch. A place that means a ton the Andrew and just as much to Lisa, because it’s a place that Andrew holds dear. As a photographer in a city that lacks beautiful natural landscape, I was thrilled to use a location that 1.) Meant a lot to the couple and 2.) Had water, trees, and history. Lisa, the bride, was so excited to use the creek that was on the property, and she and Andrew made their session even more unique by getting in the water. The couple was so comfortable with one another and completely in love, which made their session one of my favorites, and incredibly beautiful. ” – Becca

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