Meredith & Chris

April 19, 2014

m&cfilm-11m&cfilm-10m&cfilm-9m&cfilm-3m&cfilm-2m&cfilm-5m&cfilm-12Ashley Relvas  |  Lake Anna, Virginia  |  |

” This session was my first experience ever shooting film. I wanted to submit it to you all because I absolutely love Belle Lumiere and their commitment to inspiring and encouraging photographers to try out the medium of film. I have always been drawn to the look of film and with the push from a few other photographers, decided to give it a try and start learning as much as possible even though I am early on in my business. Towards the end of January I was at Lake Anna visiting my family and my two best friends (who are married) joined as well. Thanks to Edward Bricker of Contax Rental, I was able to get my hands on a Contax for 24 hours and Chris and Meredith very willing modeled for me for about 30 minutes just before sunset. These two are gorgeous and such naturals in front of the camera. I absolutely adored my first experience shooting film and cannot quite put into words what about it is so incredible. One thing I do know is, I cannot wait to shoot my next rolls and continue to grow and learn more! ” – Ashley Relvas

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