Art Deco

April 17, 2014

2014-03-18_0122014-03-18_0022014-03-18_0042014-03-18_0032014-03-18_0072014-03-18_0062014-03-18_0092014-03-18_0152014-03-18_0182014-03-18_017Madison Fairburn  |  Richmond, VA  |  |

” The1920’s has my heart — the art, the fashion, the architecture. It’s my favorite decade — a time of luxury, entertainment, fashion, and glamour. I wanted to highlight the geometric shapes, angles, and decorative patterns that were prominent during that time period. It helped that it was 35 degrees outside, so most of her movements were statuesque and sharp. I wanted to style a shoot that would specifically reference the Art Deco Movement in architecture and design of the 1920s without being your typical flapper girl shoot. ” – Madison Fairburn

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