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As an artist you shouldn't have to deal with 'photographer's block' during a session. I mean who has time for that? You should be able to jump right into a shoot confidently & know you are capturing exactly what you need to make your clients fall love with their images ... and of course a publish worthy gallery.

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Shooting With Intention

With Intention


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The Lumiè Society is a monthly curated bundle of education that you can enjoy & soak up at your own pace.  It includes our highly respected magazine, an educational guide or resource for your business, and a masterclass taught each month by top educators in our industry, face to face in video form.  

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The Lumiè

The Lumiè Society

$45 a month

Lexi's teaching style & method of explaining her thought process ...
were                                 and easy to relate to.

Lexi's teaching style & method
of explaining her thought
process ...  were                        
and easy to relate to.



This class was                           every penny.



 Your publication brings so much             ! Nothing better than getting cozy on the couch with a cup of tea and lots of                                  images to look at!




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Who Doesn't Love A Good

Who Doesn't Love A Good                     


3 Ways to Shine on a Publication’s Platform

Are you feeling frustrated with the publication world? Not quiet sure where it's going? Or just lost in-between all the confusion and wondering?

Well let's put those feelings & questions to rest with our free guide ,,
3 Ways To Shine on a Publications Platform. 

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We give you the tools, organization skills, discipline, templates, and expectations to help you succeed in creating the work/life balance you have always dreamed about.  Let us help you set up systems, set expectations, learn time management, and more so you can start living the life you want your business to support.

Our                    Courses

Our                      Courses

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Surviving As A
Creative Entrepreneur


Looking to jump into the world of film but don't have a clue on where to start?  Lexi Clifford of Belle Lumière has been teaching film in person and online for over 8 years.  She created this guide to include everything you will want to know before you even pick up your first roll of film .. and is taught with images.  Because we are all visual learners.  

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Your Film

Your Film Journey