Achieve the Work/Life Balance you Deserve


You know the one you dreamed of ... when you first started your business. 

Burnt out.  Putting off dealing with clients who've stepping over boundaries.  Unorganized. Too much on your plate.  Overwhelmed.  Not sure where your business is going. Wasting time on social media that just leads to frustration!

Maybe you've felt like this

Running a business requires us to wear a lot of hats.  And typically when people say this you think marketing, bookkeeping, website management, customer service, etc.  What we tend to forget is to deal with all these things you need a set of skills. Organization, time management, balance, and more.  They are not the typical parts of a business that are talked about, but they are parts that can make your hats feel not so heavy.

This is where Surviving as a Creative Entrepreneur comes in.  We give you the tools, organization skills, discipline, templates, and expectations to help you succeed in creating the work/life balance you have always dreamed about.  The one where you are not staying up till 2am finishing projects.  The one where you don't feel a constantly overwhelmed.   The one where you get your life back and can turn work off at 5, 4, or 3 o'clock. The one where you get to make your choices again and schedule. 

Let us help you set up systems, set expectations, learn time management, and more so you can start living the life you want your business to support.

I am going to say something you may see as crazy, but stick with me. Growth in a creative’s business is not measured in profits. And I 110% believe that. Obviously a business needs to bring in income to survive. But as creatives we need growth in our passion. This lays in the balance of continuing to work, staying inspired, not getting burnt out, and broadening our education. The big thing I see in creatives who run a successful business is that they have achieved balance between all of these. The paycheck is just the bonus. 

It’s no secret social media makes up a huge part of our business. But between stressing over the algorithm, scrolling aimlessly, and deciding on what to post, I guarantee you are wasting hours on these aps each month that could be spent on other tasks or enjoying life. Let’s reestablish your relationship with social media and set realistic expectations for the aps as well as the time you are spending on them.

Which I believe is the secret to a fulfilling and successful business. Time is something that is limited each and every day, so if you can complete your work in a shorter amount of time, why wouldn’t you. Let me help you set up systems, tasks lists, and scheduling that will allow you to accomplish what you need to in less time.    


The Modules 

Social Media


Setting expectations and boundaries with your client(s) “from the start” is the best thing you can do for a successful and realistic relationship with each and everyone of them. We almost always end up having a personal relationship with each of our clients, which is amazing but it sometimes leads to them forgetting a few main things. Our work is not the only thing in our life and that we are in fact running a business. This can lead to them thinking they can ask for just a ‘bit’ more and think that we are available 24/7 to them. Let me help you set those client relationships up for success, from the beginning, with expectations and limits that are kindly, but firmly, presented. 

Client Relationships

And this is what it all comes down to. We started our own business to create our own hours, be our own bosses, and not work a typical 9-5 dead end job. Yet I see so many of you working more than 60 hours a week, all night, putting ourselves and your families on the back burner, and not moving forward. You need to stop at some point and ask yourself, how is this any different then the job I avoided?  Let me help remind you of the reasons you wanted to call the shots and restore that work/life balance putting you and your family first. This along with all the other things will go over in this course are the key to creating the business and life you dreamed of.

Work/Life Balance

Everyone loves goodies!! SO I made sure to include a few to help you achieve your new found balance quicker and easier!


All templates come as a Google Spreadsheet & CSV File.  That way you can choose how to use them.  Accessing the Google Spreadsheet also gives you other ways to download the file if neither of those two options work for you!

Tasks Organization Template

Social Media Scheduling Template

I am a homemaker, a mama to a 15 month old & a newly turned three year old, as well as the only person behind Belle Lumière.  I work from 8-10:30 pm 3 nights a week.  With 7 1/2 hours a week to run a full time educational publication you bet I got my ducks in a row. 

Do I always have everything under control.  Heck no!  Do I get stressed and have to work an hour or two extra here or there? You betcha!  Do I claim to have all the answers? Not even close.  But I do know how to manage my time, work efficiently, set exceptions, and rock the work/life balance.  Ohhh I sure do! 

I am excited to share with you all my tips, tricks, templates, mindsets, and systems I use to achieve this balance.  Remember we all become entrepreneurs so that we could live the life we wanted, which doesn't involve working 24/7, does it?!

I'm Lexi.

Wife, mom to two toddlers, & business owner

To run a business that is efficient, productive, and gives you the life you want to live??

Are you ready?


" I am a firm believer in utilizing systems and organization so you can work efficiently and be present in your life, and while there are many courses and guides out there, none will shift your mindset about the delicate dynamic between your business, your passion, and your creativity as succinctly and concisely as this course. If the “hustle” mindset is leaving you feeling burned out and your creative mind starved, it is time to invest in a new way of thinking: you run your business, not the other way around. This course is practical without being preachy, informative without being overwhelming, and actionable without being single-minded. You can adapt the information Lexie provides to suit your lifestyle and adjust the aspects of your business that take away time from what is most important to you. This is truly a game-changer for your business! 

Deserée Younes


What People are Saying

" Personal insights, valuable tools, & much-needed reminders intertwine for an easy to follow e-course that encouraged me to slow down & think about what my day-to-day life looks like as a creative entrepreneur. 

While drawing my attention to the notion that success isn't always financially related & that time away from work is important, this course simultaneously ignited my creative flame & inspired me to continue pursuing my dream.

Beyond the relevant stories from her own experiences that demonstrate why & how I could & should be better about managing both my business & my time, Lexi is knowledgable & empathic throughout. It was like listening to a friend's sound advice from beginning to end! "  

What People are Saying

Sarah Orman


"Belle Lumière's course is packed with advice that everyone working as a creative entrepreneur needs to know - and live by! That last thing is the part where I was always struggling. This course does not let you get away with theory. Instead it shows you how you make all the talk about work-life-balance become reality. There is no fluff in this - it may not look like the most extensive course on first glance, but everything Lexi tells you has meaning and impact. I can not tell you how many small changes I have implemented in the last couple of days that have already changed my energy from overwhelmed to positive, optimistic and calm.

After listening to the first module about organization, I felt so inspired that I started to get things set up and organized that I had meant to do for months (if not years). Two hours later and I feel relieved of a burden I didn't know I was carrying.  More than just giving concrete tips, Lexi manages to change your mindset, which for me was the biggest gain from this course. Last but not least, Lexi has this undefinable air of calm around her that she somehow manages to project into everything she says. You cannot help but feel supported by a friend." 

nicola paulukat


What People are Saying

Nope! This course is for any creative who feels like they need help getting a handle on their organization skills, scheduling, client expectations, growth or just wants to finally obtain that work/life balance.  That can be a photographer, designer, educator, or anyone else in the creative field. 

Is this course for photographers only?

The whole course (all 5 modules) are in a PDF that you can download and access forever. I want you to be able to refer back to the course over and over again. Once you register you will be able to make an account and have access to the PDF's instantly. Then you have one year from your purchase date to download the guide, But please note the guide is yours! So if for some reason after a year you loose it! Just shoot me an email and we will get it back into your hands!

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you register you will be able to instantly access the videos and bonuses.


No. We are all creatives here and understand the hard work and time that goes into sharing knowledge and courses. Just like you I am a small business owner and this is how I feed my family and pay for my child's zoo visits.  Please be respectful of my hard work and don't share. But I would love it if you told your friends how much you love our course!!


I am confident that if you implement what I teach that you will see a huge difference in your work/life balance. Due to the fact the course and bonuses are digital there are no refunds. But if you are truly not happy please email in and I will do what I can to make you happy. 


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