Vanessa Hicks

February 17, 2021

Vanessa Hicks is an incredibly talented photographer based in both San Diego and Hawaii, but you will find her on an airplane photographing weddings across the country. Some of her favorite locations include Colorado, New York City, Seattle, and of course, Disney Weddings!

Her work has been featured in worldwide publications, to include Destination I Do, People Magazine, The Knot, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, ABC News, Today Show, Good Morning America and many more. Vanessa was also voted #1 Wedding Photographer in Hawaii by Hawaii Magazine in 2018 and 2019. She created the viral #flagbaby image and Military Tea Time Sessions. 

I LOVE how colorful Vanessa’s work is and the emotions you can clearly see captured in her images.

You can see more of Vanessa’s work by visiting her website and following her on IG. And then you can get to know Lynn a little better by reading our little interview with her below & soaking up a few of her favorite images.

website | IG

1. Share with us a little bit about your journey with photography and how/why you started building your business?  

I started my business almost 7 years ago! I actually was working a corporate job after I got out of the military and I walked into my job on Monday, a week before my husband was scheduled to deploy for a year, and was told that my department was being eliminated due to budget cuts. after coming home and breaking down, my husband asked me a question that changed everything. He asked, If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?

He knew I hated my job, and I was doing photography for fun and for my daughters. I blurted out, I would be a photographer. I expected him to laugh in my face and tell me to get “a real job” but he didn’t. He said, ok, while I’m deployed, try it out. If it doesn’t work, find a job when I get back. 
It just worked!

2. What niche do you specialize in and why did you choose that path?

I truly love weddings and engagements. I don’t LOVE my wedding photos…..WHAT?  Let me explain…..

I love the fact that we have wedding images, that the day was captured, that I do have those memories. But I don’t LOVE our images. 

And it’s not the photographer’s fault, it’s mine. I didn’t do my research on the photographers. I chose strictly on price. My theory was “quantity over quality” and as we were paying for the wedding, I made the choice to skimp on the one vendor I shouldn’t have.  Because now, I have wedding images that I don’t LOVE. 

I created this business around that. To make sure my couples LOVE their wedding images, year after year.

3. What is the best piece of advice you can give someone in our industry, new or seasoned?

BE YOURSELF! I’ve made more business and had more opportunities come my way by being myself! Not a cookie-cutter shaped photographer and/or educator.

4. Who are three photographers that inspire you & why?

Oh I love this! Darcy Benicosa because she is truly authentically her and spends her time motivating others, especially women, to be their best selves. Rich Lander, because yet again, he is who he is! His workshop was one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken! Jennifer Ryals She’s my best friend and photography brought us together! Showing that true community over competition can happen!

5. Will you share with us one fun or unique fact about yourself.

I grew up in hawaii! I was born in Alaska and Moved to Hawaii when I was a year old! I knew nothing about the “mainland” until we moved when I was 13! 

I hope that you loved learning about another photographer in our industry & keep an eye out each week as we continue to highlight all the talent that fills it.

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