Women Supporting Women

December 31, 2020

It’s easy to get caught up in fear but you are NOT ALONE in this.  Together we are stronger when Women Rise for All
Traditionally, we have been taught to be competitive but this strategy doesn’t always work. In this styled shoot, three young and talented calligraphers, each sharing unique personalities, dressed in beautiful Leanne Marshall gowns, have come together as one harmony.  They shared their dreams and aspirations and created the piece of cloth with words written by the three of them.  We hope to channel the spirit of collaboration and inspire creativepreneurs to build a tribe that can raise each other up. 
Remember, we are all experiencing similar hurdles during this difficult time, and we can change the game by being each other’s backs.  
Let’s thrive together. 

Iris Cheung Photography / @irischeungphoto

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