Volume XXV

September 14, 2020

Belle Lumiere Magazine Volume XXV

Belle Lumière Magazine is a monthly educational photography magazine curated and published for the film & hybrid photographer looking to grow a thriving photography business. Each volume includes articles written by other educators and creatives in our industry wanting to share their knowledge and experience with you!

Belle Lumière Magazine has been sharing education with the photography community for over 7 years and helping photographers (like you) achieve their dream business. Between our magazine, educational guides & classes, & in-person workshops we have something for everyone!

And today we are not only excited to announce the release of Volume XXV but the fact that this is a very special issue!! Let me share why.

A few month ago, and still today, we are seeing an historical movement. Over this time I have personally had many amazing conversions with people in our industry on race, prejudice, experiences, and dreams. Stories that I wish I could share with each of you. Stories that opened my eyes and heart, and conversations that put a passion in me to make a change in our community.

Even though Belle Lumière is a small community I know a lot of people look up to us as an industry leader. Because of this it’s my job to not just jump into a movement for a month, but to make changes moving forward and show the community that we back this movement.

This issue isn’t a one time thing, but it’s the start of something in our industry. We are made up of so many talented creatives. Black, White, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Asian, and the list goes one. No one should be judged, treated differently, held back, ignored, or discredited because of their skin tone. No, we should be celebrating how diverse we are and the beautiful art we all create.

With that being said I welcome you to a very special issue featuring just a handful of some of the kindest and most talented black creatives in our industry. This month we are honored to see these black creatives shine!!

To celebrate this Volume XXV is completely free to anyone who would like to soak it up!! Not just for the day, not for the week, but forever!

So I invite you to download this issue and read the words and marvel at the image from some of the most talented people in our industry!!

So what is included in Belle Lumière Magazine Volume XXV.

Kiara recently dived into defining her business and something so close to her heart, and you want to know what she found?

EDUCATIONJustin Douglas
Justin shares with us a personal look into his past experienced and how they have led him to where he is today.

Want to know how your business can improve the world?? Well Rachel is going to tell & show you how!!

Do you know people say about your brand when you’re not in the room? Let Ashley share with you why the answer to this question is so important.

Editorials have always been around for photographers .. but so you know their purpose in today’s day and age?

Ty is here to share about photographing & editing darker skin tones, as well as some history on the subject. This is not an article you will want to miss.

Alicia is sharing with you today the steps to creating your next styled shoot, as well as tips, with BIPOC.

Grab up your own digital copy of Volume XXIV for free by clicking HERE .

Or if you want even more education, including this issue of Belle Lumière, a digital resource, and a mini masterclass taught by creatives in our industry each month, check out our monthly membership The Lumiè Society!!

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