August 5, 2020

What is a branding session?

Branding sessions are to introduce a product or service to an audience of potential clients. The images your potential client see’s are the first impression they have of you and how you can serve them. We want the images to highlight not only the person behind the brand, but how the product or service can help solve a problem.

First and foremost, when a client reaches out to me about photographing their brand, I immediately like to put a team together. When you bring together a team of creatives, it gives us the opportunity to incorporate a few collaborative ideas and concepts to present to the client. A lot of times, the client isn’t really sure what they want, and it’s our job to help give a little guidance and to bring out their voice.


We schedule a phone or video consultation, and I email them a preliminary questionnaire to give me an idea of what their brand, values and business objectives are prior to our appointment. Lily resides in LA; therefore, we had to do all of our communication through email and DM’s. I also spend some time perusing their current website as well as their current Bio copy prior to our meeting.

After learning more information about Lily, and why she started her business, I immediately knew that Julia, of Shop Kindred and Sweet Magnolia Handmade would be the perfect fit for Lily’s brand. I knew I wanted to bring Julia’s aesthetic and keen eye for the natural and organic and blend the two. Julia chose the location, hired our “real models”, and provided the wardrobe for our shoot.


What an honor it was to team up with such incredibly talented women to creatively style this branding photo shoot for Lily Ros Organics. Having the freedom of style direction, I started the vision for this shoot with Lily’s dream to create 100% natural and Organic beauty products. I dreamt of the women that would infuse these items into their lives. The values they held important, what scenery in which they would feel most serene, and the way they would hold themselves in life. The women chosen to represent Lily Ros carry an element of unique and natural beauty I felt was important to the branding. We’re proud to say that we celebrate these women as they are, and did not edit them in the photo process. They wore feminine silks and linens from Kindred, who specializes in neutral colored and natural fiber clothing. Hair and makeup was done by Jen Lagers, who has a refined eye for accentuating a woman’s naturally stunning features. The location chosen was elegantly created by Kaemingk Design. The minimalist approach to natural sophistication of the space enabled us to make the products and women stand out while also including organic elements that added to the branding. Truly a space to be at peace while pampering one’s self with Lily Ros products. Capturing it all through the lens, Amanda K was absolutely incredible at tuning in to the heart of our vision to tell the tale of the essence of Lily Ros Organics.

In regards to Hair and Make-up, we hired Jen Lagers to style simply, and to apply the Lily Rose product on our ladies. Once the product was applied, I photographed each model with the product to give reference to the color of lipstick, or blush etc. that was applied!

The location Julia chose had a very minimal and modern European vibe, with natural textures and wood accents that matched her packaging perfectly.

As far as my approach to the imagery, I wanted the images to FEEL honest, organic, clean and healthy. I wanted the product to be the focus, as well as keeping the women’s faces in the frame to allow
the viewer to imagine themselves there. Lily’s heart and mission behind her product is very personal to her, and this shoot was 100% shaped and designed around that. See below:


– All the products are 100% natural with organic ingredients, with- out any synthetic chemical.

– Pharmaceutical grade formulation ensuring natural ingredients penetrate into the skin cells.

– All ingredients are clinically tested to be beneficial for skin.

– Giving back to nature as we plant a tree for every product sold.

– Exceptional Eco friendly and re-usable packaging.

– Guaranteed satisfaction for all of our customers with free shipping & free return within the US.

– We’re a cruelty-free brand, no animals are harmed in development of our products.

Dr. Lily Ros Tagline: “Indulge your beauty with nature”


Lily is a registered Pharmacist. When Dr. Lily Ros got pregnant, she was oblivious of the curve ball nature was about to throw at her. Turned out her baby had Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) where the fetal weight is below the 10th percentile for the gestational age. Being a pharmacist she knew – she had to steer clear of some chemicals like corticosteroids which can aggravate the symptoms of IUGR. With her unborn child’s health at stake, she committed to avoid all types of synthetic chemicals including ones which were never researched on to find out the side effects on fetuses.

This battle that Dr. Ros was determined to fight tooth and nail, proved to be far more challenging than she originally thought . Lily then tried using products from brands that claimed to be natural but unfortunately, or they were not 100% natural or they were not effective enough. That was when Lily’s worries were replaced by inspiration.

Determination won over convenience as Lily decided to develop her own range of 100% natural skincare and beauty products. Using high-grade pharmaceutical formulation and organic ingredients, which were clinically proven to be beneficial for skin, she was successful in producing 100% natural and organic beauty products.

Dr. Lily Ros’s story is a story of a loving mother with unwavering resolve who, on her own, toiled for years and was finally able to achieve what she wanted to achieve. Dr. Lily Ros’s range of beauty products are 100% natural and made from organic ingredients to keep everyone healthy, beautiful, and smiling.

Amanda K is a destination film and digital wedding and portrait artist. Her home base is in Southern Oregon; however, Amanda travels all over the world for weddings and portrait work. Her work is unmistakable for its timeless, romantic and ethereal feel and she is known her ability to capture light. Amanda K Photography has been featured in many leading photography publications, sites, blogs and magazines.

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