August 17, 2020

They call it “one happy island”, and after being there for one week I can totally see why. I had the pleasure of going with my mom for our yearly mother-daughter getaway this winter just weeks before the travel restrictions came into effect. It is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean with so many beaches and coastal areas to explore that, as you’ll see, are so different from one another. The incredible beaches are one of the biggest reasons people return to Aruba time and time again. There is of course the option of staying on a resort – or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also stay in a rental home and rent a car like we did. The resorts looked like they were gorgeous luxury, but I feel like we might not have had the same experience if we hadn’t rented our own car. We just had so much more freedom to explore! In this blog post, I will be highlighting my top four favorite and uniquely diverse beaches, and sharing images that I took during the gorgeous, soft hours of sunrise and sunset.

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