A Small Window

August 7, 2020

Cristina Whited | Cristinahopephotography.com

I was overjoyed when the Kelly family invited me into their newly built home. For me, it’s not just their home they are inviting me into, it’s a small window into their lives. It’s about laughing with them, being with them and showing them how beautiful their individual lives are.

Kristi is a fellow hybrid photographer herself who spends most of her days soaking in all the moments with her girls while they’re still young. She has an amazing eye for home decor and shares a personal love for film, european antiques and a soft neutral palette. Seeking the perfect imperfect part of the Kelly family was easy. Their hearts were filled with this endless amount of joy that radiated and filled the whole house. We slowed down the day, capturing baby sister’s new arrival by just being with each other. Listening to sisters’ small giggles, the faint music in the background — so that all you have left is the slowness and sound of a film cameras shutter.

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