March 17, 2020

Sometimes as Creatives we get to a point where we are not able to work.

Whether it’s an injury, sickness, or our current situations with covid-19, a global pandemic. No matter the reason, there may come a time in your career where you may not have the ability to keep photographing for a given amount of time.

Sadly, we can’t change what’s happening in the world, but hopefully we can ease the stress a little for you. Today we are sharing 7 ways you can make additional income, right now, if you are a photographer being effected by our world wide lock downs.

Remember thought, things might be a little grey right now, but let’s keep our thoughts on the bright side and remind ourselves daily that this will all be in the past one day. 

So pop your chin up, grab some coffee, and let’s keep moving forward together.  C’mon, you’ve built a whole business. You are a creatives. You can adapt to any situation and will always keep moving forward!! You’ve got this.

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