The Schoeb Family

November 15, 2019

Family sessions will always have my heart. And then you add that rugged CA coastline and the beautiful Schoeb family … and I was beside myself. I’ve been lucky enough to capture the Schoebs several times over the years as their beautiful family has grown. Jess is always so gracious and open to exploring all sorts of locations so when I was thinking about their session for this year and remembered this gem along the coast, I eagerly presented a relaxed, leisurely afternoon here together.

We met late afternoon, parked along the dirt path on the side of road and headed out to the beach together. I walked behind them, capturing moments along the way. It’s amazing what you learn about people just by quietly observing. Like how Brent quickly swooped up the bags on his shoulder (such a gentleman), and gently held his daughter Taetum’s hand as they walked down the sandy path together, leading the way for his wife Jess who cradled their handsome young son Braxton. It would have been surely been quicker to pop Tae on his hip as they walked …. but I don’t think Taetum would have that. She is so incredibly independent and wanted to walk herself. Even though she is 2 and the walk was pretty long for those little legs … she was determined to do it herself. And she did. She was so happy and you could tell this made her Dad happy. That alone was the sweetest.

We weren’t in hurry. In fact, the afternoon was meant to just relax. So we took our time, winding our way towards the ocean, through the tall grasses and along the wooden planks, enjoying the beautiful backdrop of the rolling hills against the mountains …. until we walked into the bug storm of all bug storms! Oh my goodness, clouds of teeny, tiny gnats were everywhere. Like everywhere. We put our heads down and pretty much ran until we reached the water, escaping those little critters! I felt absolutely terrible ~ I have visited this location multiple times and never saw these little bugs! We made it to the dunes and stood catching our breath. Jess and Brent quickly crouched down and brushed off the little ones. Brent stood and turned to Jess and said calmly “Jess, will you help me?”. He turned while she brushed him off and then she turned so he could do the same for her. In that moment, it was crystal clear how much of a ‘team’ they were. It was such a small gesture … brushing each other off… but honestly it spoke volumes. It was more how they spoke to one another. They were so kind. You could feel how much they loved one another and how well they complimented one another.

The rest of the afternoon was beautiful … in so many ways. We chatted and lounged in the sand, photographing the simplest, sweetest moments of their family as the sun dipped below the horizon. My appreciation for ‘family’ grows exponentially after moments like these. Jess and Brent, thank you so much.

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  1. Elaine says:

    The colour palette and styling of this shoot is absolutely beautiful… timeless, ethereal and striking all at the same time.

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