A New Home

October 10, 2019

Being welcomed into my clients’ homes is an honor and privilege that I never take lightly or for granted. There is a special rawness and vulnerability during our time together that moves me. It makes my heart yearn to capture the feeling, the warmth, and the intimacy, not just the subjects. The fact of the matter is, everyone’s story is different, but the commonality is love. My driving force is to write the unique story of her motherhood, his fatherhood, their relationship, or their family—whatever that may look like in front of my lens.

I was thrilled when this sweet mama reached out to me about photographing her family in their new home. It was a bit of a drive out of the city, but when you know that chickens and babies in bubbles will be involved, it is worth all the miles to and from (and back again)!

When I approached their front door, they greeted me with comforting smiles and open arms. As the little girl fluttered around the house with magic in her eyes and the baby bashfully nuzzled his mama while giving me a flirtatious grin, I knew something beautiful was about to unfold…and I was right.

Their home and hearts emanated an authentic love that could be seen and felt. I am so thankful they invited me in and let me experience a bit of their day-to-day, giving me a glimpse at what makes their worlds go ’round…each other.

Lauren Bryant | Fuji 400 | Contax 645 | Photovision

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