Into An Artists Studio

December 20, 2018

Sheri McMahon  |  Sydney Australia  | 

Michelle’s branding shoot is a representation of everything that Mishku Studio is and truly reflects the heart of her work. She wanted to create imagery that would not only represent her brand and story, but one that would also inspire an authentic connection with her audience. Drawing inspiration from the wild beauty of her Irish background, the refined and minimal aesthetic of the Japanese and her love for all things tactile, Sandra Chau designed and styled an environment that was delicate, natural and one that showed strength. Through the use of wild foliage, minimalistic Ikebana inspired arrangements, different mediums of texture, a curated selection of Japanese ceramics, Sandra created a studio to tell the story of Michelle’s passion as a graphic designer, illustrator and maker. As an artist’s process is just as important as the final product, she felt it was important to showcase Michelle’s process in her work – whether she’s putting together the inspiration board for each of her client’s projects, designing logos or whether she’s hand crafting beautiful illustrations. It was such an inspirational shoot and the images that resulted show how powerful it can be to have imagery that speaks true to your brand.

Creative Team
Creative Direction – Sandra Chau Design
Florals – Alice Rose Beasley
Graphic Designer – Mishku Studio
HAMU -Niki Simpson

  1. Nicola says:

    I signed up for the Lumière Society last month, but really just now got to look at it all, and check out the blog and the website. And my goodness – this blog post is just so inspiring! I absolutely love the calmness. It makes me want to find an artist to do a session for! So, so beautiful!

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