May 24, 2018

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Cassandra Boryszak  |  Orlando, FL  |

There is something about the last few minutes before bed or a nap. A few moments when she is content to be still. I know she is beyond tired, but these precious few minutes are so sweet that I allow her to linger. She is usually snuggled into my lap, staring up at me. Perhaps, it is her way of procrastinating bed time, but it reminds me of when she was a tiny baby and wanted to be held all the time. I notice her wanting to do everything on her own now and it is these quiet moments that I don’t ever want to forget.
Pinky is her comfort when she is tired. All three of our children have a blanket they use when they sleep. Our oldest has a scrap of his, but after 6 years, he still sleeps with it. The many nights, naps, and trips out when they were too tired or sick to leave to leave their beloved blankies at home. I know this sole pink blanket will be ripped and shredded very soon. Replacements will be ordered. Pinky has gotten us through the last days of nursing, fevers and teething, and sleeping on trips away from home. It smells just like her.
It is so hard to believe that 17 months have passed since she was born. Days are not perfect. But when she lay on my bed with pinky, I knew she was exhausted. I picked her up and she leaned her little head against mine and patted my shoulder with her tiny hand. It melted my heart. I lay her down in her crib. She snuggled up with Pinky and gave me a very enthusiastic “Bye-Bye”.
Maybe it’s because I know this is our last baby, I am hanging on to every single memory. I keep trying to etch these moments into my brain so I don’t forget these sweet memories. As they grow, we also grow as parents. We become more observant, more patient. I am learning to find comfort in the tender moments, amidst the chaos of the day, and know that although it seems they are growing much too quickly, we are all growing together.

  1. Mary Ann Cook says:

    Beautiful child and nicely said.

  2. Those chubby thighs and tiny toes make me want to just squeeze her for a cuddle.

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