A Honeymoon Picnic

April 5, 2018

Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-48 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-51 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-57 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-3 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-55 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-62 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-71 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-74 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-79 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-24 Caoimhe-Padraig-KRMorenophotography-84

Kaylea Moreno  |  Saint Remy de Provence  |  krmorenophoto.com

This session was part of a 1:1 I did this past September with Katie Grant. I think investing in your education and learning from people you admire in the industry is so important. The 1:1 did not disappoint, Today’s submission is a from a beautiful afternoon spent in ST. Remy. The desire was to tell a honeymoon story in the heart of romantic southern France. Beautiful Caoimhe begins by bringing out the charcuterie board to enjoy with her new Husband. They share their food, wine and laughs in the garden looking out unto a gorgeous mountain range. The tabletop and florals were perfectly styled by Janna Brown. The Calligraphy by Boho ink was a perfect compliment to the touseled florals and rugged mountain scenery.

Instructor: Katie Grant
Wardrobe: Garmentory
Janna Brown Design
Boho Ink
Models: Padraig & Caoimhe
MUA Camille Bonardi

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